Learning Outcomes

Mental Health

Students will learn simple and easy to understand strategies to improve and maintain their mental health.

Suicide Awareness

Spade brings a real topic together with personal experiences to bring both an understanding and awareness.

Allow your students to find hope, healing, and purpose in order to prevent teen suicide and find life after feeling lost. 


Leave your audience with practical tools and techniques not just to cope with life, but to find their place in life and thrive within it.

About Spade

All throughout school, Spade was known for his care-free smile and his effortless ability to allow others to feel at ease.  Nobody would have guessed the pressure of the emotions he was suppressing for all those years.  Until, at 20 years of age, he tried to take his life with a bottle of sleeping pills.

Today, he uses his close experience with death to educate teens on mental health through his skateboarding company, Inspire Nation Skate Co.

As a professional speaker, Spade aims to deliver education, inspiration, and entertainment to middle school students.  He strives to make every event a memorable experience, focusing a large emphasis on delivering actionable content.

Are you ready to make a change in your student's lives?  Book a service consultation today.

“What I liked most about the presentation was the way Mr. Schumacher connected with the kids. I could tell they were engaged and they wanted to get to know him and ask questions about mental health … I would definitely recommend this to other schools.”

  - Mr. Kubica (Middle School Teacher)

​"Spade is a beautiful soul and a multi-dimensional thinker. He takes experiences himself and others have learned with an open heart to formulate a deep inner wisdom which he passes along to all he meets."

 - Elise Michaels  (Men's Mental Health Coach)

"When we were in New Mexico last month, my son connected with Spade at the skate park and was given one of his journals. ​ 

Ever since then, he's been journaling every day and it's made a huge difference for him. It's part of his nightly routine. ​ 

He's 12 years old and just started middle school and has been struggling with a few different things but this journal has made a great impact!"

 - Meredy Butler  (Confirmed Customer)

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